Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to Blogging!

Can you believe this smile is about to cost me $2300? For baby teeth???

Extreme makeover with my friend Jessica at a recent retreat!

Chunky in the glass elevator at Riley Hospital. I wonder where Willy Wonka is?

Cute new Dansko shoes I found at Goodwill for $3.00 and resold on Ebay for $70.00

Ouch! Chunky decided to play racing with the piano bench. Guess who won?

So, it has been 6 weeks since last posting and lots and lots of stuff has happened since then, thus causing my blogging hiatus. Lets start at the beginning. During the time of my last post, hubby and I celebrated 15 years together. If you are counting that means we have been together for half of my life, minus 1 year! I hope to post some pics later of our earlier years. Next, I got a second job at a local spa doing massages again! I have been out of the business for about 7 years and it is nice to be able to jump back in (the tips are awesome)! As you can see from the pics up above, Chunky has had a run of bad luck lately. First the piano bench dropped on his foot (nothing broken, just bruised the bone and limping for a few days) and then several weeks later broke his tooth, only to find out that he had to have major dental work done and of course we opted not to take dental insurance???? I have to give major credit to Riley Hospital Dental Clinic. After seeing 2 other dentist(one being a pediatric dentist and one oral surgeon later), Riley was the only place that could get Chunky to half way cooperate. Speaking of behavior, does anyone have the Super Nanny's phone number? No, really! Chunky now knows how to speak his mind quite well and along with it is coming loads of backtalk and all out temper tantrums. God give me patience, lots of patience. Today after speech therapy, Chunky had such a bad temper tantrum, after exhausting all possible options, I just had to start praying over him. In the middle of my prayer for him to be a good boy, he yells "I am not a good boy!" It almost looked like a scene from the exorcist with his face red from screaming for 30 minutes. All of this, because I would not let him take a toy car from the clinic. I also want to take the time to say thanks to my awesome mom. In all of my busyness, she has helped out so much by cooking lots of yummy meals and really helping me watch Chunky! Speaking of food, I was recently introduced to a new local ministry called "Fishes and Loaves". Basically it is a bible study/cooking class that meets once a month. In 4 hours I learned how to make homemade meatloaf, meatballs, tacos, and 3 other recipes. The teacher is a wonderful lady who provides all of the food for the class. She said it is her way of helping people in the current economic times. Teaching women how to cook for their family on a budget. In lighter news, Chunky got into the local Charter school that I have been praying about. I know that out of all of the local schools, this would be the best fit for him. I am very excited to see how he will grow there and can't wait to see his academic years beginning. I also have been very active using coupons and going to coupon websites and money saving websites. This has been a fun adventure and I am working on building quite a nice stockpile. Lets just say I wont need shampoo, toothpaste, soap or baby wipes for about another year. On a more serious note, the past 6 weeks have been filled with lots of need for prayer. Personally, I need prayer for my career. While I have enjoyed working with the young children for the past 2 years, it seems that it is time for me to move on. As many of you know, 2 years is a very long time for my career history! Now I just have to figure out what position is going to be best for the next school year for my family. I normally don't list prayer request, but at this time, so many people really need it. So, in no particular order, if when you say your prayers tonight you could include:
-My Uncle Tommy - to help figure out current medical issues while he goes in and out of the hospital
-My Friend Brenda -who last week was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and is on her way to recovery
-For Baby Stellan - who has been hospitalized for 10 days now with a heart condition, you can read about him on my sidebar under the blog "My Charming Kids"
- For a local family of 5 that needs help feeding their family
- For Sam's baby girls and Amy's baby - that they are able to grow strong and remain healthy
- For a friend's mom, that she may get back healthy test results.
-For a friend's grandmother who recently suffered a fire in her home.
-For Chunky and I, that we might get through this trying time in his childhood, for us both to remember to love each other no matter what!
That's all for now! I need to get to bed


The Valiant Family Updates said...

Oh how I shouldn't laugh over the temper tantrum you mentioned-yet it sounds so much like Owen. He even lowers hhis voice and makes it all gruff-I laughed out loud at your not knowing what else to do but pray over him as i don't know a mom who hasn't found herself trying to stand her ground only for the lil demon-I mean precious gift from above showing how strong willed the Lord made them:-)

I am praying for stellan too-her posts are so good and honest lately. They remind me of you;-)

I hope all goes well with your job decisions...don't forget about free fruit snacks, artisan bread, cheetos, nearly free salad, and great deal on pepsi at Target this week;-)

do you have any awesome finds for me?

amy f. said...

Way to catch us up...it's about time :-) I am so sorry, again, about the monster of all tantrums you experienced today. I pray that it was his record-holder and that he can't possibly pull off one worse than today's!

I had not heard of Fishes and Loaves...you'll need to fill me in more next time we talk. Sounds like it's up my alley.

I didn't know you were all into the coupons lately...been studying under Renay? It's in the air!

Isn't it nice when someone comments on your blog post? Hmmm??

Jessica said...

We look fabulous, uh depends how you describe fabulous I guess!

You have had a lot going during this past break in blogging. I've just given up completely on blogging.

Free items, good offers/deals send all the info. my way. I was intrigued by our minor conversation about the fish and loves. I'd like to talk more later. I'm still wanting to do lunch, it'll have to be this coming week though.